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Uzmetkombinat to begin exporting ferrosilicon and ferrosilicon manganese in 2019

Uzmetkombinat this year for the first time in its history will begin exporting ferrosilicon and ferrosilicon manganese, the press service of the SFI Management Group said.

According to preliminary calculations, the company can earn on the export of these products up to US$12 million per year.

SFI Management Group notes that enterprises from 10 countries have officially expressed a desire to become partners of the company for long-term cooperation in the procurement of these alloys. Among them are Russia, Kazakhstan and many European countries.

Today, ferrosilicon and ferrosilicon manganese are widely used in ferrous metallurgy as steel deoxidizers. Simply put, they give it stability, firmness and elasticity.

The shop today has smelted about 4,000 tonnes of ferrosilicon. Of these, 2,500 tonnes were used for their own needs, the company plans to begin shipping the rest for export from January. In addition, less than a month produced 90 tonnes of ferrosilicon manganese. In 2019, the volume of production of these products will be 6,000 tonnes, which will go to the needs of the plant.

Earlier, Uzmetkombinat imported ferrosilicon and ferrosilicon manganese and spent about US$17 million for this purpose. Therefore, the launch of the new production allowed the plant to save foreign currency.

Uzmetkombinat launched a shop for production of ferroalloys in December 2018. The new production is equipped with modern energy-saving technologies, automated control systems and advanced equipment worth US$20 million. The capacities were built with the participation of the South Korean companies PoscoDaewoo and SAC.

The cost of the project was US$60 million. Uzmetkombinat sent US$40 million of its own funds and attracted a loan of Korean Eximbank for US$20 million.

(Source: UzDaily.com)