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A unique project on laying walnut groves on an area of 30,000 hectares has been launched in mountainous regions of Uzbekistan.

The Presidential Resolution on the establishment of the Association of Walnut Producers and Exporters of June, 1, 2017, was an important guide to action in terms of stimulation and further enhancement of efficiency of rainfed lands, and scale up of volumes of walnut harvesting.

“Our team is conducting scientific research on how to expand planting and harvesting of walnuts, almonds and some fruit trees”, says the Director of the Bostanlyk Mountain Piloting Station Karimjon Abdullayev. “We are focused on the breeding of fertile tree species resistant to diseases and adapted to the local climate, and design of modern high-tech agricultural machinery. Over the past few years, we have created more than 30 species of the fruit trees adapted to mountainous areas. As part of preparations for the next year, we have embarked on seeding the walnut tree.”

Mountainous areas of our country are favorable for the cultivation of walnut, almond, pistachio trees. They yield rich harvests in the Samarkand, Navoi, Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya, Tashkent regions and in the Ferghana Valley.

The Bostanlyk Mountain Piloting Station grows 15 selected varieties of walnut obtained by the interbreeding method. This spring, seedlings of nut varieties ‘Uzbekiston Tezpishar’ and ‘Ideal’ were delivered to the customers. Another 4,000 seedlings of local varieties are ready for planting in autumn.

The walnut tree and its fruits are useful in any form. Its leaves and green peel, shell and nut kernel are widely used in medicine. Rich in iron, phosphorus, copper, fats and proteins, walnuts improve digestion, give strength, normalize the activity of the nervous system.

The demand for this tasty and useful product is high both domestically and abroad. Therefore, the regions pay close attention to the expansion of walnut plantations. For example, the farmer association ‘Khisor’ of the Yakkabog district of the Kashkadarya region laid a walnut grove on an area of 5,000 hectares. The Yamin-Yashin Farm grows walnut seedlings on an area of 20 hectares. Owing to the initiatives of enthusiasts on laying walnut plantations in private economies, walnut groves now occupy more than 300 hectares.

“The cultivation of a broad variety of crops expands from year to year”, said Abdumutal Sulaimonov, the department head at the Andijan Regional Administration of Agriculture and Water Management. “Our region keeps focused on the establishment of intensive gardens and walnut groves. This year, we have laid new walnut plantations on an area of 50 hectares. We continue works in the fall too. Next spring, we expect that our walnut groves will occupy more than 500 hectares.”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)