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Publishing industry gets a boost

The President of Uzbekistan has granted certain benefits to bookshops, publishing houses and printing companies.

In particular, the head of state released the business entities, the share of book trade in the trade turnover of which exceeds 70%, from single tax payment by January 1, 2020. However, in order to receive this benefit, they should have the status of a corporate entity. All entities of this kind will be classified as a separate direction of statistical accounting.

Another important advantage is that from now and on, commercial banks will allocate preferential loans to specialized bookshops, publishing houses and printing companies, at a rate not exceeding the annual refinancing rate of the Central Bank. The loans are intended for strengthening the logistical capacity, refill of the working capital, and construction of new bookstores.

In addition, the head of state assigned provincial municipalities and Tashkent administration to allocate idle objects of public property to entrepreneurs free of charge for the establishment of specialized bookstores.

All these measures are stipulated by the program of integrated measures, which was approved by the President to catalyze the publishing industry and distribution of book products, and revitalize the culture of reading.

The document also envisages the establishment of the production of eReader electronic training devices in Uzbekistan. As designed by the developers, the cheap devices will be affordable for schools, colleges, lyceums and universities, also through the mechanisms of concessional lending for educational institutions. They will be available for downloading various textbooks and other literature.

The program legislatively enacts the state order for the book production, the development of specific mechanisms of translation of the best works of world literature into Uzbek, as well as the measures to further expand the publication of scientific and technical literature, fiction, encyclopedias and reference books in various directions in the Uzbek language and in Latin graphics.

Among its other interesting areas is The organization of review competitions like ‘The Top School of Book Amateurs’, ‘The Top Mahalla of Book Amateurs’, ‘The Top Family of Book Amateurs’ and ‘The Most Active Librarian’.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)